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Madame de Staël/ Corinne ou l'Italie

Présentation Simone Balayé : Présentation Chronologie Bibliographie Parcours critique : une anthologie Arnaud Tripet : Corinne, Rome et l’Italie Anne Amend-Söchting Corinne ou ...

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D'Île en Île Pacifique

D'Île en Île Pacifique, mareva, constitue la nouvelle prise du demi-dieu pêcheur d'archipels, MAUI, Mouvement des Anglicistes, Américanistes et Antiquisants Universitaires des Îles. Fidèle à la tradition...

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Hélène Greven
Margaret Atwood - The Handmaid's Tale

The Handmaid's Tale (1985), by Canadian writer Margaret Atwood, revisits the Anglo-American utopian/dystopian tradition. Appealing to imaginative fiction and the novel of ideas, the construction of perfect — or nightmarish — worlds rouses...

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François Laroque, Yves Peyré
William Shakespeare - Venus and Adonis

Of the many mythological verse narratives that were inspired by Ovid in the English Renaissance, Shakespeare's Venus and Adonis (1593) is one of the most important. Through close readings of the text, these essays explore the complexities of the...

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Cornelius Crowley
Henry James - The Portrait of a Lady

The first paragraph of James's The Portrait of a Lady instructs us that what follows is a « simple history ». The aim of the present study is to persuade the reader to accept the narrator's proposition. For James, the art of fiction is the...

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Georges-Michel Sarotte
Arthur Miller - Death of a Salesman

Death of a Salesman has been called the « quintessential American play », and Arthur Miller remains above all the creator of Willy Loman and his tormented family. Half a century after its epochal première on Broadway the play is...

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Claude Simon/La Route des Flandres

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Ronsard/Les Amours de Cassandre

Présentation Michel Simonin : Le poète dans ses privilèges Bibliographie Parcours critique : une anthologie Jean Balsamo : Le « Pétrarque François ». La constitution d’un mythe ...

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Pierre Iselin, François Laroque, Jean-Marie Maguin
William Shakespeare - As You Like It

Shakespeare's dramatic pastoral raises problems of its own, as the extreme artifice of its construction and style may rebuff a modern audience. Defined as a conversation play, As You Like It is also a motley play which insistently elaborates a...

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Bernadette Rigal-Cellard
N. Scott Momaday - House Made of Dawn

House Made of Dawn focuses on the life of Abel, a young Pueblo mixed-blood who has problems readapting to his culture after he returns from the war, kills a man, is sentenced to prison and is relocated in Los Angeles. Beyond the grimness of what could...

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