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Claude Simon/La Route des Flandres

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Ronsard/Les Amours de Cassandre

Présentation Michel Simonin : Le poète dans ses privilèges Bibliographie Parcours critique : une anthologie Jean Balsamo : Le « Pétrarque François ». La constitution d’un mythe ...

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Pierre Iselin, François Laroque, Jean-Marie Maguin
William Shakespeare - As You Like It

Shakespeare's dramatic pastoral raises problems of its own, as the extreme artifice of its construction and style may rebuff a modern audience. Defined as a conversation play, As You Like It is also a motley play which insistently elaborates a...

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Bernadette Rigal-Cellard
N. Scott Momaday - House Made of Dawn

House Made of Dawn focuses on the life of Abel, a young Pueblo mixed-blood who has problems readapting to his culture after he returns from the war, kills a man, is sentenced to prison and is relocated in Los Angeles. Beyond the grimness of what could...

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Jean-Paul Pichardie
Katherine Mansfield - Selected Stories

Despite the recent increase in interest and important studies devoted to Katherine Mansfield, her short stories have not yet been given the recognition they deserve. In a limited way the present study aims at contributing to fill in a gap in the...

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Monica Michlin
Jean Toomer - Cane

Cane is a difficult book in many ways : it is apparently sui generis, a collage of various genres, from prose to theater ; it is one of the first books to have been written by a black author in the twentieth century and it roots the notion...

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Écritures du chemin de fer

Le chemin de fer est d'abord l'intrusion de la vapeur, de sa force brutale, de son sifflement mécanique dans un paysage humain qui n'avait guère changé depuis Homère. Avant de relier, le chemin de fer sépare ...

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Pierre Iselin
William Shakespeare - Hamlet

Hamlet is an echo-chamber which reverberates with questions. Whether they concern the uncertainties expressed by different characters within the play, or theories about the play expressed by critics, or the integrity of the play (of which we have only...

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Joseph Urbas
Mark Twain - Huckleberry Finn

A central work in the national canon, an inspiration for some of the greatest American writers of our century, and the first literary masterpiece in multi-voiced, regional vernacular, Huckleberry Finn is, as Walter Blair observed, « unique in...

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Maurice Chrétien
John Stuart Mill - On Liberty

John Stuart Mill (1806-1873), one of the most versatile thinkers of the nineteenth century, wrote on the newly emerging sciences of economics, politics and sociology. His Principles of Political Economy (1848) ran to many editions and is still read...

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