Études anglaises - N°1/2010

Romanticism Revisited

Études anglaises - N°1/2010

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Denis BONNECASE - Introduction


Christian LA CASSAGNÈRE - The Voice of the Child : Language and Desire in Blake's Songs and The Book of Urizen
Florence GAILLET-DE CHEZELLES - Wordsworth, a Wandering Poet : Walking and Poetic Creation
Joanny MOULIN - Reflections on the Life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Jean RAIMOND - Southey's Ballads Revisited
Denis BONNECASE - Byron's Nomadic Muse
Sophie LANIEL - The Anatomy of Light: Astronomy, Optics and Wave Dynamics in Percy B. Shelley's Epipsychidion and The
Triumph of Life
Jean-Marie FOURNIER - "Empty spaces" and the Poetics of Silence in the Poetry of John Keats

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